The Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia Programme supports 3 typologies of projects as follows:



State of the art of the projects financed by the Interreg V-A Italy Slovenia Cooperation Program in June 2018 (Italian version)

State of the art of the projects financed by the Interreg V-A Italy Slovenia Cooperation Program in June 2018 (Slovene version)

In line with the Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 and in order to ensure transparency on the use of the EC Funds,here is the list of beneficiaries of the Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020.

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Strategic projects

The total allocation ammount for Strategic projects, wich assume a greater relevance in terms of implementation of the EU and Programme strategies concentrating efforts for a stronger cohesion of the new eligible area, is 27.000.000 ERDF. By concentrating significant resources on specific thematic issues, strategic projects aim at producing positive and long-lasting outcomes in the entire cooperation area, strengthening cooperation opportunities and fostering joint experimentation and implementation. Given their strategic nature, strategic projects will be selected through an institutional top-down approach through which focused themes will be identified in order to foster their expected impact and contribution to the overall Programme strategy. Here tthe complete description.

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Standard projects

Approximately 37,000,000 euros (ERDF) is the ammount to finance standard projects, implemented with the bottom up approach.

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CALLS FOR STANDARD PROJECTS PROPOSALS NO. 1/2016, 2/2016, 3/2016 AND 3/2016 - Closed call


ITI projects


The Monitoring Committee on 22nd-23rd February 2017 approved the two projects implemented in the framework of the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) of the cross-border area of European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) named “GECT GO / EZTS GO”, which includes the Municipalities of Gorizia (Italy), Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Šempeter-Vrtojba (Slovenia). The first project involves the realization of the “Cross-border Nature Park of the Isonzo- Soča river” and includes both infrastructure investments (cycle paths and recreational areas) and territorial marketing activities. The cost of the project is EUR 5 million. The second project involves the development of a cross-border network of socio-health services for the community of the “GECT GO / EZTS GO” area. It will be implemented through the cooperation of bodies and institutions operating in the socio-health sector of the two States and three Municipalities. The cost of the project is EUR 5 million. The implementing body of both projects is the “GECT GO / EZTS GO”.


Priority Axis

Priority Axis 1: Promoting innovation capacities for a more competitive area: € 18.703.189,00

Expected result 
Increased cooperation among key actors of the innovation system, reinforced CB innovation clusters and durable networks in the key sectors of the eligible area, reflected on a tangible results level (jointly developed products and/or services).

Priority Axis 2: Cooperating for implementation of low carbon strategies and action plans: € 11.689.493,00

Expected result 
Adoption and implementation of low carbon strategies encouraging energy savings and fostering the use of alternative transportation systems and the use of alternative energy sources.

Priority Axis 3: Protecting and promoting natural and cultural resources: € 27.275.484,00

Expected result
Valorization and promotion of natural and cultural assets of the cooperation area in order to attract sustainable tourism demand. Enhanced management of ecosystems and promoted restoration of biodiversity through green infrastructures and ecosystem services. Improved innovation in water and waste management and in through the experimentation and the implementation of green technologies.

Priority Axis 4: Enhancing capacity building and cross-border governance: €15.585.991,00

Expected result 
Increased intensity of CBC between citizens and institutions in the Programming area.  


Cross-border Cooperation  Programme  ITALY-SLOVENIA 2007-2013: collection and description of all 87 projects funded