Programme documents

Cooperation Programme

Cooperation Programme approved by European Commission Decision n. C(2015)9285 dated 15/12/15.
Cooperation Programme – 15.12.15 (available in one language only)
Annex IX – 15.12.15 The Cooperation Programme revised after the first Monitoring Committee of the Programme held in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) on March 8th, 2016
Cooperation Programme – 08.03.16 (English language only)
Further elaboration of the Cooperation Programme and its Annex IX are now underway and they will be submitted to the European Commission after the identification of the baseline value for TO 11 result indicator and the approval by the MC.

Cooperation Programme
Annex IX

Monitoring Committee documents

Rules of Procedures

Monitoring Committee membership

Conclusions of the First MC meeting held in Nova Gorica (Slovenia) on March 8th, 2016.
Conclusions of the Second MC meeting held in Postojna (Slovenia) on May 20th, 2016.

Conclusions of first day of the Fourth MC meeting held in Trieste (Italy) on May 24th and 25th, 2017.
Conclusions of second  day of the fourth MC meeting held in Trieste (Italy) on May 24th and 25th, 2017.

Conclusions of the Fifth MC meeting held in Trieste (Italy) on June 28th, 2017.

Conclusions of the Sixth MC meeting held in Gorizia (italy) on October 19th and 20th, 2017.

Programme Communication Strategy

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Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Plan drafted pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 1303/2013, Articles 56 (1), 114 (1) approved by the Monitoring Committee through the written procedure No. 7 and submitted to the European Commission via SFC2014 on April 19th, 2017


Annual Implementation Reports

Annual Implementation Report 2015 (English version only available)
Annual Implementation Report 2015 - ANNEX I - CITIZEN'S SUMMARY (English version only available)

Below, you can download the Annual Implementation Report 2016, which has considered eligible by the European Commission on June 15th, 2017 :

Annual Implementation Report 2016 (English version only available)


List of beneficiaries

In line with the Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 and in order to ensure transparency on the use of the EC Funds,here is the list of beneficiaries.