This section provides information about the calls published by the Program.

On September 30th, 2016 the first calls for standard project proposals n. 1/2016 1b, 2/2016 4e, 3/2016 6c, 6d, 6f e 4/2016 11 ETC closed.

160 project were proposals submitted to confirm the high level of interest of the cross border area in response to the Programme challenges.  The proposals submitted are now in the evaluation phase according to the steps outlined in the Evaluation Manual


Calls for standard project proposals n. 1/2016 1b, 2/2016 4e, 3/2016 6c, 6d, 6f e 4/2016 11 ETC:

Priority Axis Specific Objective Description No. of project'proposals submitted
PA 1 1b Strengthen the cooperation among key actors to promote the knowledge transfer and innovative activities in key sectors of the area 62
PA 2 4e Promotion of implementation of strategies and action plans to promote energy efficiency and to improve territorial capacities for joint low-carbon mobility planning 13
PA 3 6c Conserving, protecting, restoring and developing natural and cultural heritage 43
6d Enhance the integrated management of ecosystems for a sustainable development of the territory 10
6f Development and the testing of innovative environmental friendly technologies for the improvement of waste and water management 10
PA 4 ETC Strengthen the institutional cooperation capacity through mobilizing public authorities and key actors of the Programme area for planning joint solutions to common challenges 22
    Total  160

More information about the state-of-art of the procedure for financing standard projects are available on web section Closed calls.

The procedure for strategic projects is under definition.