We present DIVA pilot projects – BeAPart and CKnow


Innovation of commercial strategy taking into account the sustainability aspect.
The “BeAPart - Bespoke Art Arrangements” DIVA pilot project, in which the high-tech company DFORM and the creative company Creaa collaborate, has set itself the challenge of developing a modular display system that takes into account the need for economic, environmental and storage sustainability, preserving the compositional freedom of professionals in the designing installations for the museums and contemporary art market. The product will effectively innovate the commercial strategy of both participating companies.

Organizational innovations that take into account the sustainability aspect.
PR Imballaggi and UNIS & F collaborate on the “CKnow - Creative Knowledge spillover” project. Their challenge is to support organizational innovation and foster a generational transition by sharing creative methodologies that use the visual language of drawing and comics and that activate the creative potential of people for a cultural change in the organization and its human capital, also with a view to sustainability.

BeAPart project teamBeAPart project team
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CKnow project teamCKnow project team
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