Launch of the fourth programming period for Interreg cooperation between Italy and Slovenia during EC-Day 2022


"Interreg Cooperation between Italy and Slovenia: Discover European Projects and Future Opportunities" - that was the event title held on September 21st at the Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste, organized by the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Italy-Slovenia Programme.

September 21st was European Cooperation Day and the Interreg Italy-Slovenia Programme wanted to celebrate this occasion not only by giving ample space to projects financed under the 14-20 programming period, but also by launching the new 21-27 Programme. It was an actual "salon of cooperation" within which conferences were held in the form of a dialogue on the new 21-27 programming topics and on completed and ongoing projects financed by the 14-20 Programme. In addition, throughout the whole day, participants had the opportunity to field test what has been achieved by the projects during the 2014-2020 programming at the "Interreg Cooperation Fair" through direct confrontations with beneficiaries and practical demonstrations of the funded products and activities such as small experiments, use of electric bikes and cars, demonstration stands, photo exhibits, virtual reality, promotional materials and dissemination videos and much more...

The event opening ribbon was cut by Laura Comelli, the Managing Authority of the Programme, accompanied by Italian, Slovenian and European institutional representatives. In fact, more than 300 participants were greeted by Alessandro Zacchigna - Central Finance Director of the FVG Region, Ivana Sacco from the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Italian Consul in Koper Giovanni Coviello and Slovenian Consul in Trieste Gregor Šuc. Slovenia was represented by Aleksanda Šuster Močnik from the Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy. Also present was Anna Modzelewska, representative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy.

The crowd at the presentation initiative testifies to the concrete interest in the Interreg Programme and how it has the real ability to break down barriers. "The Programme demonstrates how the border is a psychological concept because from the point of view of cooperation between people, businesses and institutions we work together very well," said Alessandro Zacchigna, Central Finance Director of the FVG Region.

The event was an opportunity to launch the new Interreg Italy-Slovenia 2021-2027 Programme, which was approved by the European Commission on August 3rd after a detailed elaboration by Italian and Slovenian institutional representatives. The new programming, with its allocation of more than 88 million euros, is in line with EU policies and European Commission guidelines related to sustainable development, tourism, culture and cooperation between public administrations.

The centrality of European cross-border projects on the Italian-Slovenian territory was demonstrated by the success of projects from the previous programming period. The Interreg Cooperation Fair was dedicated to them, while some projects were also involved through the Interreg Stories, that is the interview sessions with project partners, presented by moderator Evgen Ban, which developed around four themes of interest: innovation, sustainability, environment and governance.

The event, organized on the occasion of the European Cooperation Day, involved many young people, who discovered how to carry out an educational and work experience in cooperation through the IVY - Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative. Sector professionals, potential future partners and citizens, on the other hand, had the opportunity to meet in the "Dialogue Area," an area dedicated to those who want to continue working on the cross-border territory improvement.

Finally, participants were able to appreciate a photo exhibition containing 28 photos referring to 13 projects co-funded by the Programme, which can also be viewed virtually at the following link.

In the attachment you can find the event agenda and some pictures shooted during this occasion.

Thanks to all the authorities, speakers, guests and participants for contributing to create a successful event!

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