ENGREEN - The joint webinar of 6 projects form Axis 3: "Management, enhancement and conservation of ecosystems and habitats" hled on 10th of June 2022


The ENGREEN project is one of the six projects which organized together a promotional webinar entitled "Management, enhancement and conservation of ecosystems and habitats", held on the 10th of June 2022. The webinar presented the achivments of 6 projects of Axis 3 Interreg V-A Italy Slovenia: Aquavitis, Bee diversity, Eco-smart, Engreen, Green Hull and Tretamara.

The ENGREEN project presented the activities realised in favor of achieving the main goal of the project: preservation and restoration of habitats for endangered animal and plant species in the areas covered by ENGREEN: Škocjan Caves Park and Natura 2000- Karst area (SI3000276, SI5000023) in Slovenia, Val Rosandra Natural riserve, Area Mulini di Stalis, Park of rivers Lemene and Reghena and the lake of Cinto and the wet area in Ceggia, in Italy.

The project successfully carried out 19 investments e pilot actions in nature: restoration of ponds, one ice-house, dry stone walls, banks, inventories of protected species related to green infrastructure.

Public awareness events are also important. We organized the use of water tours of protected areas, workshops, education, where we acquainted various target groups with the problems and importance of green infrastructures of endangered animals and slaughtered animals.

If you want to get to know ENGREEN in other projects that participated to the webinar, we invite you to watch the presentations in the video of the webinar at the following link:

SLOVENE VERSION: https://www.ita-slo.eu/sl/vse-novice/news/eco-smart-200622-rezultati-spletne-konference-z-naslovom-upravljanje-krepitev

ITALIAN VERSION: https://www.ita-slo.eu/it/tutte-le-notizie/news/eco-smart-200622-risultanze-della-conferenza-online-dal-titolo-gestione


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