ENGREEN - Focus group on Green Infrastructures in Eastern Venice


On Friday 25 May 2021 a focus group on the theme of green infrastructure in eastern Venice took place in Mulino di Belfiore, which first of all highlighted the main threats that risk endangering the green infrastructure elements of Eastern Venice: climate change (rising waters); the increase in anthropogenic pressure, in particular that linked to tourism, and the lack of awareness on the part of citizens and local policy makers on the importance of equipping themselves with effective management and protection tools for the green infrastructures themselves. On the other hand, important opportunities have also been identified to be seized, based precisely on the elements of the green infrastructure of the territory: increase in the well-being and health of citizens thanks to the progressive renaturalization of resilience and participation of local communities; the possibility of developing new types of tourism, more sustainable and natural; favor an agroecological transition of local productions, thanks to the interrelation between agricultural surfaces and natural spaces.

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