ENGREEN: Catching of goldfish from the Rakitovac pond (Koper)


One of the activities of the ENGREEN project is also the capture of goldfish from some ponds of Slovenian Istria and the Karst. Last week, collaborators of the University of Primorska - Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology, in collaboration with the inhabitants and the volunteer firefighters of Rakitovec, caught goldfish from the local pond. The seemingly innocent introduction of some aquarium goldfish into ponds can cause a real catastrophe for these otherwise rich ecosystems. Goldfish have no enemies in ponds and are capable of destroying the entire brood of indigenous amphibians in a short time.

However, we would like to inform you that the capture procedure is time and resource-consuming and not always effective. The best solution is always to avoid introducing fish into ponds.

Releasing a fish does not mean freeing it but abandoning it! An educational brochure on this topic will soon be ready as part of the ENGREEN project.

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