ECO-SMART, Educational and informative events



The partnership of the Eco-Smart project will carry out between June and September 2021 seven training and information events dedicated to stakeholders on adaptation to climate change through protection of ecosystem services and feasibility of adaptation plans on the basis of simulations of payment models for services ecosystems.

During the events, information on the vulnerability, ecosystem services and payments for ecosystem services proposed for the pilot sites Caorle Lagoon – estuary of the Tagliamento river, estuary of the Tagliamento river, Valle Vecchia - Zumelle - Valli di Bibione, Cavana di Monfalcone and Nature reserve Škocjan Inlet, going to be presented. These approaches are proposed as tools for NATURA 2000 biodiversity protection and for monitoring of climate change.

The events are going to be online.

Two events for local stakeholders will be organized for each pilot area, the last joint event, will be held in Italian and Slovenian language.

An outline programme for the events is attached.

Programma / ProgramProgramma / Program
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