DIVA project – opportunities for cross-border cooperation on innovation


Are you an individual or organization from the creative and cultural sector (KKI)? Are you ready for new creative or even artistic challenges? Does cooperation with traditional companies in the process of innovation sound like an exciting opportunity?

Are you a company (SME) understanding the importance of innovation? Are you engaged in the development of improved or new products, services or business processes? Does cooperation with creative and cultural sector sound like an exciting opportunity to improve your innovation potential?

Fill in the online questionnaire - AAT and find out how to improve your readiness for innovation, creativity, and fruitful collaboration between business and creative sectors.

AAT is a support tool proposed by the DIVA project, and one of the potential ways for SMEs and CCIs to be involved with DIVA actions. It allows you to self-assess your organization’s current level of readiness for innovation and SME-CCI collaboration, including valuable advice for improvements.

Follow the activities of the DIVA Interreg V-A Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020 project, and become a part of the emerging cross-border innovation ecosystem that offers a range of opportunities for companies and CCIs. Many have already joined.