Crossit Safer: 11 march 2022. Agreement between the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Veneto region for cooperation in the field of civil protection


On 7 March 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed between the civil protection structures of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions. The document, aimed at cross-border cooperation in the event of emergencies on a regional scale (Leg. Decree 1/2018, art. 7, par 1, letters a) and b)), aims at increasing cooperation and synergy to protect the safety of the population and safeguard property, settlements and the environment in the occurrence of adverse events. The signature of the cooperation document is the result of the activities of the strategic project "CROSSIT SAFER - CROSsborder SI-IT cooperation for SAFEr Region" and in particular of the Work package 3.1 that envisages the drafting of cross-border Agreements for joint interventions in case of disasters. In recent years, the occurrence of increasingly intense hydro-meteorological events, not only in the Livenza basin, but also in the Tagliamento basin, of which the two regions share the lower course, has renewed the need to improve the exchange of information and coordination in hydraulic risk management between the competent operating structures.In the context of other risks, the need to improve the communications and coordination of interventions also emerged. In particular, in recent summer seasons, forest fires have occurred near the border between the two regions, requiring the activation of both regional operating structures to extinguish them.The document provides for the exchange of information in the fields of forecasting and prevention, with particular attention to technical and scientific aspects, the development of strategies and methodologies for risk reduction, and the definition of procedures for operational management in emergencies.The procedures for cooperation and exchange of information are regulated in detail by specific technical annexes to the agreement, which can be updated without modification of the main document. 

Annex 1 - Detailed regulation concerning forest fire risk

Annex 2 - Regulation concerning hydraulic risk in the Livenza basin

Annex 3 - Regulation concerning hydraulic risk in the Tagliamento basin

For Annex 2, concerning the hydraulic risk in the Livenza basin, the National Civil Protection Department has acquired the opinion on the procedure for the Command and Control Unit of the Ravedis dam, as provided for in point 5 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 27/02/2004, establishing the headquarters for the CCO at the operations centre of the Regional Civil Protection in Palmanova. The definition of shared operational procedures, which makes it possible to improve the synergy between regional civil protection systems in border areas, will also be the subject of joint exercises planned within the CROSSIT SAFER project, which will end on August 2022.