ARTE INTERREG Therapy Ecosystem against COVID 19


Today there is no effective clinically tested and approved drug or treatment for ARDS - Acute Respiratory Deficiency Syndrome induced by COVID-19. However, scientists have been exploring the use of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (MSCs) for over a decade. MSCs have in fact been proven as anti-inflamatory and have been shown to alleviate ARDS. All over the world, many clinical studies employing MSCs for the treatment COVID-19 respiratory complications are ready to begin. 

A group of ARTE SMEs and institutions, lead by EDUCELL doo of Ljubljana with the support of TP-LJ, VivaBioCell SpA of Udine, Azienda Ospedaliera Friuli Centrale (Udine) have been the core of a  Consortium  to apply to the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (Horizon 2020). The consortium is altogether composed of 13 partners from 3 continents and 8 countries and covers a very wide range of expertise in cell therapies. In-humans use of the MSC therapy for COVID-19 is due to start very soon in the ITALIA - SLOVENIA region.

Thanks to the Advanced Regenerative Therapies Ecosystem that has been activated with the help of Interreg V-A Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020!