Project event - MobiTour - Focus group


The Focus Group with local stakeholders of the MobiTour project - Sustainable mobility of coastal tourist areas and of cross-border hinterland (financed by the Interreg VA Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 programme), has been organised in the pilot area of the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro on April, 10th 2018.

The main objective of MobiTour is the joint planning of sustainable mobility actions and strategies to promote the use of alternative means of transport and to reduce pollution, promoting a better connection between coastal areas and the hinterland. The project has started in October 2017 and will end in March 2020.

The Focus Group was attended by Local Authorities (municipal councillors for tourism - Massimo Brini, urban planning - Paolo Ciubej, roads and traffic - Marina Bidin), experts, economic operators (such as SAF, FIAB and LISAGEST), tourist promotion agencies (Promoturismo FVG). Participants had the opportunity to identify the main challenges for sustainable mobility in the pilot area, the needs of residents, tourists and citizens, and possible actions/strategies to promote sustainable mobility, both at local, inter-municipal and cross-border level.

Participants stressed the need to promote a culture of sustainability, both among end-users and economic operators, by means of targeted information and communication activities. Moreover, participants stressed that future sustainable mobility strategies should focus on intermodal transport, both at local and cross-border level.

Finally, participants highlighted the need to strengthen the existing measures in terms of safety for what concerns cycle paths, roads and footpaths.

The results of the Focus Group will be used to prepare a questionnaire for end-users of sustainable mobility services (citizens and tourists). Research activities will be the basis for the development of solutions and systems in the field of sustainable mobility in project pilot areas, namely: Ć kocjan Caves Park, Municipality of Piran, Lipica, Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Municipality of Caorle.

The Municipal Administration (in charge of the promotion and organisation of the sustainable mobility) is supporting several actions and interventions aimed at reducing the presence of private cars in urban spaces in order to promote alternative mobility.