ENGREEN - World Wetlands Day 2022 events


The year is around and we are again celebrating World Wetlands Day (February 2).

The project entitled Engancement of Green Infrastructure in the Italy-Slovenia Cross-Border Landscape, acronym ENGREEN, places great emphasis on the protection and restoration of different types of wetlands.

The project partners also want to emphasize the importance of protecting wetlands and efforts to protect and restore these extremely vulnerable ecosystems, which are a treasure trove of biodiversity.

Last year, as part of an online event (https://www.facebook.com/104026504657512/videos/879653442855988), we met wetlands in the pilot areas of the ENGREEN project, and this year we would like to show them in the field.

On this occasion, the project partners prepared a varied program, which includes 4 events on both sides of the Slovenian-Italian border. On Tuesday, February 1, and Wednesday, February 2, we will explore the Lison Forest in Portogruaro and the Caorle Lagoon. In the evening of February 2, there will also be a lecture in Caorle by meteorologist and science journalist Luca Mercalli. On Saturday, February 5, we will get to know the underground wetland and ponds in the Škocjan Caves Park.

Due to the epidemiological situation, the number of places at all events is limited, and prior registration for events is required. Applications are open until the vacancies are filled.

In the attachments, more about the program and individual events and how to register.

You are cordially invited!

Programme 4 eventsProgramme 4 events
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Events 1-2 feb VenetoEvents 1-2 feb Veneto
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Luca Mercalli 2 feb VenetoLuca Mercalli 2 feb Veneto
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Event 5 feb Park Škocjanske jameEvent 5 feb Park Škocjanske jame
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