ENGREEN - Workshop: catching goldfish from the pond in Rakitovac (Koper)


On Monday, February 7, 2022, the University of Primorska is organizing a catch of goldfish from a large pond in Rakitovec near Koper. The introduction of aquarium fish into natural environments has great negative consequences. It can reduce the quality of sensitive aquatic ecosystems or even destroy them. Goldfish are non-native invasive animals, which are characterized by being more successful in the environment than native species in both reproduction and predation. Indigenous amphibian species, which are an extremely endangered group, are slowly disappearing due to the loss of habitat.

That is why the partners of the ENGREEN project are trying to make the population aware that goldfish and other aquarium animals and plants should not be released into the wild. Catching is a time-consuming and not always efficient job. We strive to preserve the biodiversity of our natural water resources.

Invitation - IT-SI - Workshop 7.2.2022.pdf
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