ENGREEN - Great interest for the walk in the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve on 23 August 2020


On Sunday 23 August, the ENGREEN project event, organized by the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina, took place in Draga. The event was organized with the aim of presenting and promoting the activities of the project and the Programme in general. The 25 participants (limited number due to anti-Covid regulations) met in the village of Draga, in the heart of the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve. While sipping their morning coffee, they got to know the details of the ENGREEN project, presented by the organizers. They then left for a pleasant and fresh walk, guided in Italian and Slovenian by two nature guides, until they reached the old ice house located next to the Vertikala path of the Slovenian Alpine Association of Trieste (between the Basovizza-Draga road and Pesek). The project for the maintenance and rebuilding of the ice house was presented on site and will be carried out as part of the project. The structure will be fully restored. After visiting the remains of other ice housees with ponds in the area, interesting explanations regarding the territory and its use and abandonment, flora and fauna, the participants returned to Draga. The event aroused considerable interest, for which the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina will propose it again shortly for another 25 interested people, probably on 13 September. For info: [email protected]

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