ARTE - Novelties in retrieving and using mesenchimal stem cells (MSC) in orthopedics


We invite you to take part in the professional meeting of the Slovenian Association for Cell and TIssue Engineering (DCTIS) which will take place Wednesday  24/4/2019 at  16:00 in the room of the Orthopedic Hospital (entry through reception), UKC Lubiana, Zaloška c. 9, Ljubljana, organized by DCTIS in collaboration with the partners of the INTERREG ARTE project.


1. prof. Asoc. dr. Matej Drobnič, Ortopedska klinika, UKC Ljubljana, presidente DCTIS

Welcome and introduction

Filtered BMAC and various biomaterials in the treatment of cartilage lesions in the knee


2. doc. dr. Klemen Stražar, Ortopedska klinika, UKC Ljubljana

Potential of autologous MSCs in treatment of hip pathology


3. prof. dr. Matjaž Jeras, Fakulteta za farmacijo, Univerza v Ljubljani

Regulatory frame and open questions in the field of advanced therapy medicinal products prepared on a non-routine basis


4. dr. Lenart Girandon, Educell d.o.o., Trzin

Sources of MSCs for cellular therapies in orthopaedics


5. prof. dr. Francesco Curcio, Dept. of Medical and Biological Sciences, University of Udine, Italy

Automated manufacturing of advanced therapies medicinal products for osteoarthritis


6.  dr. Antonio Sfiligoj, VivaBioCell S.p.A., Udine, Italija

ARTE-project Interreg Italy-Slovenia


7. Ending with surprise